Feature Points PC and Mac – Feature Points Referral Code (Free Points)

Do you want Feature Points on PC or Mac?

Feature PointsIf so, I’ve got your fix. I’m going to tell you about one Android emulator that I’ve been using for the past few weeks. If you want to run an iOS emulator, I don’t have experience with any. Sorry, folks.

The Android emulator I’ve been using is called Bluestacks (no referral link here). Bluestacks runs on PC, Mac, Android, HTML5, and Flash. What’s great about Bluestacks is that it runs non-game apps as well as gaming apps, which is perfect for FeaturePoints.

With FeaturePoints, you will be trying out all kinds of apps so you need something robust. Bluestacks has you covered here. You can also multi-task and stream directly to Twitch!

One downside of Bluestacks, however, is that it will prompt you at some point to purchase their App Player Premium membership or download an app they’re promoting in order to continue using the full function of the emulator. The good news is that App Player Premium is only $2/month or $24/year per PC.

Once you get Bluestacks installed, all you do is treat the emulator like you would an Android device. You change the “Android device settings” to add your Google account and work from there.

It’s simple to install and use Feature Points on PC or Mac through Bluestacks. Once your Google account is added, you go to the Google Play Store and find FeaturePoints. Just install it from there and then open it up and sign in with your login information.

Feature Points Referral Code (Free Points)

In order to unlock your free points on FeaturePoints, use the code PBDECA upon signing up, or click here and the code will be added automatically.

With this code, you will get a 50 free points to start you off. That’s the equivalent of having tested out a few low paying apps so it saves you around 10 minutes of your time.

It might not be much, but it gets you up and running.

That’s all, folks!

I’ve told you about how to use Bluestacks to get Feature Points on PC or Mac and how to get your free points on FeaturePoints using the referral code PBDECA.

That pretty much covers everything I have for you in this post.

Did you get Bluestacks installed? How’s it working out for you so far? Have any FeaturePoints tips for other users? Let me know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading. See you next time.