How to Organize a Home Office – In-Home Office Decorating Ideas

Starting work from home can be an exciting event.

For most people, deciding to work at home marks a turning point in our lives. It’s the point where we have had enough of working for someone else. It’s the point where we want to achieve financial freedom. It’s when we want something more out of life and we are ready to fight for it.

Roller Coaster of EmotionsStarting with work from home opportunities triggers a rollercoaster of hope, frustration, joy, and relief over the first several months as you figure out the ins and outs of your new career.

There may be many factors that are out of your control as you learn new skills and methods for making money online.

One factor that is under your control affects productivity. This variable is your home office and there are several things to keep in mind when you really want to get to work because laying in bed with your laptop reduces productivity.

How effective your home office is will depend on a combination of things. You need to consider location, ergonomics (furniture and equipment), organization, lighting, decor, and personalization.


Where you work is drastically more important than most people would believe. It’s not always so simple as finding the right place to sit comfortably to read and type.

Your location will actually affect you physically and psychologically. This can have a massive impact on your productivity.

Correct posture is a step in the right direction when choosing a location. Deciding to work from your couch with your laptop on the coffee table will have you stooping over your knees.

Not too long into work, you would be annoyed by the slight pain you start to get in your back, ribs, arms, etc. This can be avoided with the right chair and surface to work on (more on this in ergonomics).

Noise ControlNoise control is incredibly important. Trying to work with children screaming or blasting the tv and running around the house will be majorly frustrating.

You have to find a place where outside noise will be minimal. A room with a closed door will definitely help. Soundproofing can even be a real improvement for helping with noise control.

Keep your bedroom separate from your work area. Working in your bedroom will change the way you see the room.

When you work in your bedroom and you become frustrated and upset, you start associating those thoughts and emotions with your comforting surroundings.

You don’t want to associate your work habits with where you sleep. Ideally, you would want a separate room or section of your home dedicated as your workstation.

The atmosphere of your workspace has a vital effect on your psychology. Sitting in an interior room with 4 walls and no window will make you feel trapped and will distract and demotivate you.

You want your workstation in a place that feels open. Large windows you can see out of or open air areas of your home will keep you sane when working. Even large mirrors can cause a room to feel more open.

Keep all of those thoughts in mind when deciding on where you will be working and you will be happier and you will enjoy your work from home career.


Many people associate the word ergonomic with comfort. Well, it’s really more about efficiency, as in, how can you become a more effective worker?

How effective you are will determine your chances for success. If you are a slow, distracted worker, you won’t get much done. If you’re well-supported and comfortable, you are more likely to keep your head in the game and get stuff done.

Ergonomic ChairYour choice of a chair will be important. You shouldn’t just sit in a wooden chair with four legs at the kitchen table. That kind of chair doesn’t support your back at all and is uncomfortable to sit in after a little while because there is no effective cushioning.

The kind of chair you want will probably be an office chair that you can roll around to move and get up easier. A chair with a well-cushioned seat and back support would be great for your extended periods of research or content creation.

You want to also be able to recline slightly because leaning back a little bit increases comfort and productivity. There are some pretty awesome ergonomic office chairs on Amazon that would fit the bill.

The mouse you use is going to be a strain on your wrist if you aren’t careful. A traditional mouse has a straight horizontal design that makes your hand tilt uncomfortably inward.

What you should invest in is an ergonomic mouse that tilts itself slightly outward so your hand can rest more naturally. This will ease up the tension on your wrist a little bit and allow you to work longer without straining it.

A great keyboard will also reduce strain on your fingers and wrists. The angle at which you are typing matters. If your keyboard is completely straight, your hands are angled completely unnaturally and it puts unnecessary pressure on your joints.

The type of keyboard you want will have a curved set of keys so your wrists don’t have to suffer. This ergonomic keyboard should also be able to tilt up and down to better suit your typing needs.

Your computer desk can be ergonomic too. The ideal desk will make it so you don’t have to move around a lot to get to the things you need for work. While not vital, a keyboard tray that extends outward is useful. If it can tilt, even better.

If you have enough space, go for a corner desk if needed. Not everyone needs that much workspace but it can be handy during bigger projects.

One more thing that is important is the monitor stand. You want it at the right height so your eyes can look forward and directly see the top half of the screen. This makes it so you don’t have to crane your neck.

Ergonomic DeskAn ergonomic desk is not hard to find. You can find it online or at a larger computer store.

The monitor angle is the last thing we’ll cover. As mentioned previously, having the right monitor angle can prevent you from craning your neck. A bad angle will have you straining your neck before too long and will prevent you from working further.

If you can’t get the right angle using just your monitor and computer desk, it may be time to pick up a monitor arm. A monitor arm will allow you to achieve all sorts of viewing angles and you can be sure you will find the right angle for your monitor.

Loading up with these ergonomic items will definitely help you reduce strain on your body and increase overall productivity. They aren’t required but they are great for support.


Organization to most people is black and white. You’re either a neat freak or you live in a junkyard. Nevermind the teenager with the made up bed with dirty clothes on top. We’re ignoring them for now since we can’t have inbetweeners.

On a more serious note, home office organization is a key element in running a successful business. Being able to find the files you need when you need them is a priceless trait to have.

However, these days files are mostly digital so most of the organization is on the computer. We’re going to focus on everything outside of that.

We’ll start with writing utensils and smaller equipment. You want a centralized point for your smaller items that is within arm’s reach of where you’re sitting. You don’t want to have a catch-all but you do want a dedicated spot for them. This could be for your staplers, hole punches, pens, pencils, etc. A small tray could help out here.

Incoming MailNext, you want a drop box for your incoming mail. This way you don’t lose important messages and documents by getting them mixed up with papers on your desk. A wall hanging mail organizer is the perfect spot to drop letters until it’s time to get open them.

Now, let’s talk about loose documents. You don’t want to have loose papers all over your desk. You can easily lose track of crucial files and other important papers. To solve this messy paper problem, you want something like a paper organizer rack. A stackable rack will guarantee that your papers always have a home to go to and you can build it higher as needed.

Then there are books. I don’t know about you but to me, there’s just something special about cracking open a paperback or hardcover and being able to thumb through the pages. Going through pdfs on a tablet just isn’t the same.

You’re going to need a place for your business-related books. Depending on the size of your collection, a small cabinet on your desk may be useful. For those with a larger library, a bookshelf system may be more appropriate. To keep up with the times, hanging bookshelves may bring a classy touch to your in-home office while leaving floor space for other decorations.

The last thing we’ll cover is computer storage. In order to stay organized digitally, you might want a place to properly store your files. Having an external hard drive to sort your files in frees up space on your computer so it’s not as bogged down with data.

Having another external hard drive would also allow you to have a backup of all of your important files, that way you have a much harder chance of losing them.

These home office organization ideas will get you started with keeping the messes away. Staying organized will help your sanity, so do what works for you and stay neat.


Now, lighting is one of the easier aspects of having an in-home office. Things don’t get too complicated with this one.

Natural LightingYou want a space with natural lighting. Remember the windows we were talking about earlier? Having a larger window with a lot of natural light coming through can really brighten your mood and make you feel energized.

However, cloudy, dreary days can also bring down your mood, so make sure you have curtains to block out the nastiness.

You also want overhead lighting. You want a bright overhead light to keep the room lit at night time. If you can, make use of natural daylight led bulbs. These light bulbs are close to the same color as natural daylight and come in dimmable versions so you can always turn down the brightness.

If you don’t have an overhead lamp, then maybe track lighting is more up your alley. Track lighting allows you to adjust the lights and direct them where needed. This can really improve the ambiance of a room.

If that’s not enough, maybe a floor lamp would help. The addition of an extra lamp in a strategic position can really boost the brightness and warmth in a room. A natural daylight floor lamp can really boost your mood and keep you going at night.

Lighting is simple, so don’t overcomplicate it. Don’t overdo it and only use the lighting you need to keep a productive pace going.


Here’s where things start to get a little bit more fun. Decorating your in-home office is where you can let your creativity out.

The whole point of decorating is to make you feel good about your surroundings. Preferably, items matching in color or texture should be used.

For instance, if you have a black desk and bookshelf, you’re going to want to get plants in dark pots or curtains that are a charcoal color, things like that.

In-Home Office Decorating IdeasJust keep in mind, this is about you and what you like. If the color scheme looks good to you, then use it.

Don’t go overboard with the decorations, though. You want to maintain a clean, neat look to your home office and have the feeling of it being open and freeing. Cluttering the room with everything you can find is just asking for stress.

To get you started with your decorations, how would you like a 9-inch statue of “The Thinker”? It’s the perfect decoration for an online entrepreneur.

Whatever you decide to do to decorate your home office, remember that you can always add or change decorations whenever you want. Nothing has to be permanent.


Finally, the last part of the picture. Personalization is similar to decoration in the way that you are taking items of importance and placing them strategically around your in-home office.

The difference is you are going to place items that mean a lot to you, personally.

This could be little trinkets like keychains or figurines. It could be important pictures of family, friends, or dreams you want to achieve. It could be larger objects such as crafted artwork.

There’s a good chance you would combine most of your personalization with regular decorating. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Keep in mind that personalization is important to keep you motivated. These items are things that are encouraging to you to become better and grow. These are things that should remind you of consequences if you don’t succeed.

Keep personalization personal, otherwise, it’s meaningless.

Congratulations on your newly decorated home office!

By now, you understand what it takes to decorate a home office. It’s a little more complicated than you might have first thought, isn’t it?

Home Office DecorationsWith your newly decorated in-home office, you can get started or continue your work in internet marketing. If you’re into affiliate marketing, you can even earn commissions by recommending the kinds of decorations you’ve used in your home.

Whatever your work from home opportunity is, I’m sure you’ll be happier and more productive from here on out.

Do you have any questions or thoughts about home office decorating? Let me know in the comment section below! I love reading your responses and getting the chance to reply.

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Thanks for taking the time to read! See you next time.

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  1. Bryce - February 13, 2017

    You have hit the nail on the head. Very few people who work from home actually have a desk. I’ve been guilty of this in the past and it has caused my neck and shoulders to ache from bad posture. Great post!

    1. Nigel - February 13, 2017

      I’m right there with you, Bryce.

      Having worked regularly from a couch, I know how bad your body can ache. Most people don’t realize the kinds of pressure points they’re stressing when they’re not using the right equipment at the right angles.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

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