Is CashCrate a Scam? My CashCrate Review for 2017

Is CashCrate a Scam? 2017 CashCrate Review

Overall Ranking: 6 out of 10
Price: $0 Membership (Join Here)
Owners: Patrick Clochesy, CEO


CashCrate BannerMany people starting out on their journey to make money online may come across “free cash” sites. There is no such thing as free money on the internet and it is no different with CashCrate.

With CashCrate, you can expect to earn some money by completing different tasks. These tasks include completing surveys, completing paid offers, playing games, and shopping online.

The question remains: Is CashCrate a Scam?

Let’s take a look at the information.



  • “Free Cash” for Surveys
  • Paid Offers
  • Referral Program
  • Access to CashCrate Community
  • Prizes for Playing Games
  • Paid to Watch Videos
  • Paid to Shop Online
  • Been Online Since 2006



  • Limited Pay
  • Waiting Period for Offer Confirmation
  • “Offer Wall” Participation Required on Several Offers
  • PayPal Not Available Until Requirements Met
  • $20 Payout Minimum
  • Community Less Active than It Used to Be
  • Payouts Sent on the 20th of the Following Month
  • Support on Offer Sites May Be Less Reliable

Dollar BillsThe “free cash” for surveys requires time to be invested in order to complete them. You can expect to spend 15+ minutes per survey with minimal pay. It may be as little as 25 cents or maybe a couple dollars. It really depends on your demographic and the availability of surveys.

The paid offers are where you will earn the most potential cash, but the offers are limited. Once you complete all of the offers, you will have to wait for site updates that come with more offers and surveys.

The referral program is interesting. Starting out, you earn 20% from what your direct referrals make and 10% of what their referrals make. The referral program has 2 more levels that you can progress through.

There is silver that provides 25% and 10% from referrals, then there is Elite that provides 30% and 20% from referrals. Signing up referrals and getting the to complete offers both require some effort.

The CashCrate community is not what it used to be. When CashCrate first started booming, there were dozens of people active in the forums at any given time. Today, you might see a couple posts updated here and there each day. There just isn’t as much community interaction.

Playing games for prizes requires points that you earn from other tasks. As you play, you may earn or lose points while working towards an amount needed for a prize. The prizes you can expect are gift cards of varying amounts and for different stores.

Getting paid to watch videos provides minimal earnings. Getting paid to shop provides you with 1%-10% or a specified dollar amount cash back on your purchases. For instance, shopping online at Walmart provides you with 2% cash back.

CashCrate has been around since 2006. In the last 10 years, there have been many “free cash” sites that have risen and fallen. Really, only the best stick around for any length of time. That’s one thing that CashCrate has going for itself, it’s been here a while.

With that being said, there are some more negative points to CashCrate. For instance, don’t expect to earn an unlimited amount of money from the site. You will hit a wall that can only be overcome by bringing in referrals.

WaitingAfter you complete paid offers, there is a waiting period in order for the offer to be confirmed which could potentially be days, though most of the time it will take less time than that. On some offers, you will be required to “signup for 2 offers” from an offer wall which can easily lead to spam in your inbox.

One big thing is that PayPal payouts are not available until you reach Silver status from referrals and have earned your first $20 check. With that being said, in order to be paid in the following month, you will have to have earned at least $20 in the current month. Otherwise, you won’t receive payment until that $20 level has been breached.

You will also be waiting on payments for some time. When you earn $20 or more for the current month, you will receive payment on the 20th of the following month.

And lastly, the support on CashCrate may be somewhat reliable but the support for the offers you sign up for may be less than helpful. Each offer will have its own system of support that you will need to contact if you want to cancel a membership or subscription or you want to get a refund on your payment.


If you’re looking to make a quick buck, CashCrate is definitely not for you. In fact, if you’re serious about making money at all, then this might not be for you either. The amount you can earn from CashCrate is pretty low unless you manage to bring in tons of referrals that are all doing surveys and offers.

So, who is this for? This is for those that want to make a little bit of cash in their off time while not putting in too much effort. You can earn a few $20s on your own by just completing the higher paying offers. You will run out of offers eventually and will have to wait for future updates in order to earn more.

Completing SurveysCompleting surveys as well will increase the amount you earn over time, though these are generally low-paying tasks that take quite a bit of your time. In general, there are other sites that you can complete consumer surveys for that will pay you more than CashCrate.

Lastly, if you are one of those that knows how to bring in traffic and wants to get that referral cash, CashCrate can bring in a few bucks. Simply promoting your link won’t do, however. If you want to really bring in more money, you will have to post tips and advice on blogs and videos regularly so that it encourages new users to earn more cash (which pays you the more they earn).


There are only 2 training videos available for CashCrate. One is to help you get started with using CashCrate and explains how to complete offers on the site. The other video explains how the referral system works and recommends ways to get people to sign up.

There is also a quick how-to guide showing how to complete offers. The only difference is it is shorter than the video and it only uses pictures.

Other than the videos and how-to guide, CashCrate has forums with community members and staff who answer questions and offer advice. New members will find the forums full of interesting and helpful information.

In the interest of gaining referrals, CashCrate also offers a list of banners, cards, flyers, QR codes, and a website widget. You have the option to create earnings banners through their banner creation system or you may choose to use normal banners in a range of sizes.


SupportAt the bottom of any of the CashCrate pages, there is a link titled “Contact Us” that can be used if you have questions, comments, or suggestions. It is an email contact form with no real notification on when to expect a reply other than it saying “we’ll get back to you as soon as possible”. The amount of time you wait might be a few hours or maybe a couple days time from when you message them.

If you want a more immediate reply to your questions, there is always the forum. In the forum, there is a FAQ section where the most commonly asked questions are answered. You may also ask questions in the appropriate discussion boards and expect replies from community members and staff.


While there is no fee to join and no monthly membership payment, some of the offers do require some payment up front. You can get by without doing any of the paid offers, but it does restrict the amount of cash you can earn.

The highest paying offers are the ones that require some form of payment or credit card information. Many times, these are for trial offers where you can cancel your membership or subscription in the allotted time without incurring further fees. Sometimes, you may even be eligible for a refund but don’t expect that to be the case often.

Also, keep in mind that any offer that just asks for your credit card information may incur around a $1 hold on your card for a period of a few days or longer. If you cancel your membership or prescription before you’re due for an actual payment, you will get that held cash back at some point.


CashCrate itself is not a scam site. CashCrate offers legit ways to make money online, albeit it’s small amounts of money. The only way to bring in a more substantial income is through signing up referrals and getting them to complete tasks.

Although CashCrate is not a scam site, some of the offer sites may prove difficult when trying to get support. Also, the offers that require you to take part in “offer walls” generally will spam your email with “related offers”.

That is why I decided to give CashCrate a 6 out of 10. CashCrate provides an opportunity to earn cash online but at the price of potential spam, potential credit card use, and time invested.

CashCrate Signup


If you’re looking for a real way to make money, try looking into affiliate marketing. It isn’t a get rich quick scheme by any means. With affiliate marketing, you have to put in some work to get up and running but once your site is going, you will be earning a mostly passive income. It just takes a little maintenance here and there or you can scale up with more sites for more money.

One great way to get into affiliate marketing is by joining an online community to help you learn everything you need to know about the industry. The community that I’m a part of is called Wealthy Affiliate University. Let’s look at a quick comparison between what you get with CashCrate and what you get with Wealthy Affiliate University.


As you can see, Wealthy Affiliate has a ton of features available to members that CashCrate doesn’t. With WA you get access to a wealth of information and a tremendously helpful community. There is also live support available at any time of day. There are members from all across the globe, so someone is always awake to answer your questions. To see my 2017 review of Wealthy Affiliate, click here.

That’s all for today.

Thanks for reading my review of CashCrate. I hope you got some value out of this post and can make a more informed decision about whether or not you want to join. If you have any questions or comments, shoot them in the comment box below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I love reading your comments so don’t be shy.

2 thoughts on “Is CashCrate a Scam? My CashCrate Review for 2017

  1. Ed - January 30, 2017

    I just signed up for Cash Crate. The payouts suck!
    It takes way too long to make way too little. Thanks for the advice! Time to trash the Cash Crate and start over.


    1. Nigel - January 30, 2017

      Yeah, CashCrate definitely isn’t for everyone. It takes quite a bit of patience for the little bit of pay that you get. However, some people may find the extra few bucks a month helpful.

      There are definitely better options out there.

      Thanks for the response!

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