Student Loans

Student loans are a burden…

At First, Loans Feel Like Growing Money On TreesAt first, getting student loans may feel like having your own personal money tree, but by the time you’re done with college or university you might have a feeling of regret. These loans serve a necessary function as many college students cannot pay tuition and purchase class materials without financial help. Without the availability of these loans, college and university attendance rates would plummet. However, making use of these loans may cause you to have educational debt that lasts decades. If you’ve already accepted and made use of your own student loans, you most likely know what I mean.

If you haven’t taken out student loans yet, consider these alternatives.

While most people know what a scholarship is, there are many who ignore their usefulness. Whether this is because the scholarships seem too difficult or complicated to obtain, applying for them can actually be easy with the right tools. That’s where sites like ScholarshipOwl come into play.

ScholarshipOwl - Get Paid to Study
ScholarshipOwl – Get Paid to Study

ScholarshipOwl is a site where you can fill out a single application and have it applied to literally hundreds of scholarships that you qualify for based on some key demographics such as field of study. The site is very easy to use and is pretty straightforward. With very little time invested, you’ll quickly have your name out there with all of the best scholarship options.

Aside from scholarships, you could consider taking on a job if you have the time to spare before or after classes. For most people, this ends up being only a part time job since studying and homework takes up a large chunk of the day. There is one major issue with most jobs you might not think of…with the majority of jobs out there, you trade time directly for currency at a 1:1 ratio. One unit of effort equates to one unit of pay. While that may be okay for many, there are actually other options.

Think about this…

What if you could spend one unit of effort and have it pay out multiple units of cash? This is called a “passive income”. There are a few ways to go about doing this, but the best and cheapest way is probably through affiliate marketing. Don’t let that term scare you off, it’s actually a lot simpler than you might think.

For instance, let’s say your passion is photography. You could make money by spreading information about your favorite kind of photography. If you have a following on sites like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, then this will come easily to you. All you do is make a simple website like a blog where you can put the information and apply some recommendations for products or services related to photography. You can become an affiliate for companies like Amazon very easily! With Amazon, all you would have to do after becoming an affiliate is to link to different cameras and equipment you use yourself or that you want to use in the future. It’s really that easy.

If affiliate marketing seems like it might be your kind of thing, there are many websites that offer information on the subject. There is no shortage of data on the matter and that might actually be a problem for some. If you tend to get overwhelmed by new info, you need a program that can help you stay on track.

Wealthy Affiliate - Free Starter Membership, Sign Up NowThe program I use is called Wealthy Affiliate. This is by far the best site I have joined in the affiliate marketing niche. WA provides step-by-step tutorials on starting your own website (in as little as 15 seconds), deciding what content to put out, what kinds of offers to promote, and more. My favorite part is that nearly every lesson has an easy to follow video guide. You can also chat with other WA members to network or ask questions. The community is absolutely wonderful. The only real downside is that all of the best stuff is hidden behind a premium membership…but what you get out of it definitely makes a premium membership worth a go. You even get a full 7 days to try out the site, see if you like it, and get a $30 discount on your first month if you decide to go premium! Learning affiliate marketing really doesn’t get any easier than it is with WA.

For more information on how to pay off student loans faster, watch for future posts at And don’t forget to comment your opinions and ideas below! I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, I promise.

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