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Goal Setting Strategies – Tips on Setting Goals

Have you been setting goals for yourself lately?

WritingMaybe you have, maybe you haven’t. A better question may be “have you achieved your goals lately?”. With many people, the goals they set are either unmotivating or nearly impossible to achieve. That’s where goal setting strategies come in. These tips on setting goals may change the way you achieve success.

There are many goal setting strategies out there. Today, I’m going to explain my personal goal setting strategy that I use every day. The purpose of this goal setting strategy is to help you make realistic and motivating goals.

My goal setting strategy.

First of all, you want to set 3 goals for each period length in your life. What this means is you set 3 daily goals, 3 weekly goals, 3 monthly goals, and 3 lifetime goals. This way you will always have goals to work towards. You want your goals to be achievable so you set your easiest and most immediate goals every day and set your hardest, long-term goals as your lifetime goals.

Next thing to keep in mind is to make your goals clear and concise. You want clarity with your goals. Your goal’s purpose needs to be specific and understandable. The more broad and open-ended your goal is, the less motivating it is. This is because you can’t pinpoint exactly what you want to do.

For instance, “I will make more money this month” is far more broad than “I will make more money selling 100 of product x this month”.

A big thing you should consider when setting goals is that you need to make the goal achievable but challenging. For example, if you know you can run 45 minutes on the treadmill try aiming for 1 hour for the day instead.

Setting realistic, challenging goals helps to keep you motivated and wanting to complete the goals. And always keep in mind the kinds of requirements your goals have. Can you achieve the goal with your current resources? What do you need to help you achieve your goal? Work towards

ChecklistAnd always keep in mind the kinds of requirements your goals have. Can you achieve the goal with your current resources? What do you need to help you achieve your goal? Work towards meeting your goal’s requirements.

If you can’t find a plausible way to complete your goal, don’t set that goal. Set something more realistic.

Next, you want to why your goals are important. How will setting this goal affect you or your interests? What impact are you expecting your goal to have on your business? Keeping in mind the kind of influence your goal will have is important for morale and motivation.

Lastly, you want to stick to the deadline you set for your goals. If your goal is a daily goal, do your best to successfully complete it that day. If you don’t keep to a deadline, you’re less inclined to complete a goal.

Allowing yourself an unlimited amount of time to finish a goal causes laziness. “Oh…I’ll just try to complete it next month.” “There’s no reason to rush this goal, I can just do it later.” Don’t fall into that kind of apathy. Always set a reasonable deadline.

Continue reading about goal setting.

One of the best ways to stay motivated is to continue reading on the subject. Listen to the advice in books and practice what they preach.

One book I find incredibly helpful on the subject of goal setting is Write It Down, Make It Happen: Knowing What You Want and Getting It. This book has incredible and revealing reviews on Amazon, so check them out here.

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