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How to Sell Other People’s Products Online – Affiliate Marketing How-to

If you’ve been around this site a little bit, you’re probably familiar with the term “Affiliate Marketing” by now…

A Potential BuyerIf you aren’t familiar with the term, then read my explanation on “What is Affiliate Marketing and Does It Work“. It gives you a quick overview of affiliate marketing and how simple it actually can be.

It’s good to understand the term going into this post because if you want to make money from home, it’s good to know how to sell other people’s products online.

In this affiliate marketing how-to, we’re going to cover the basics of getting started with selling other people’s products. We’ll go over how to pick a niche, how to find products, and what are the main traffic sources for customers ready to buy.

We’ll also touch on the main avenues for displaying your selected products.

How to Pick a Niche

A niche is very important in the affiliate marketing world. A niche is a passion or hobby that a small group of people has that you can use to sell products.

For instance, a broad niche is something like “makeup products”. Starting out, you don’t want to target a niche like that because of the stiff competition you’d be going up against.

You want to go much more specialized with your targeting. “Organic makeup brands” for example is a much smaller niche that still has decent traffic and far less competition.

When you pick a niche, pick something you’re passionate about as it makes trying to sell a product much easier. You’ll be creating content for this niche that should be informative and helpful (more on this later).

How to Find Products

After you pick your niche, you’re going to want to see if there are any products on the internet that you can make money from.

To find them, you want to go to Google (or your search engine of choice) and type in a term related to your niche and then “affiliate program”. It will come out looking like “your niche + affiliate program” without the quotations.

Using the makeup example, you can easily join Amazon’s affiliate program and choose from their vast selection of products.

With Amazon, you start off by making 4% commission on every purchase someone makes using your link. Your commission percentage increases as your sales increase.

Other affiliate programs will pay you in different percentages, so just look for products that match your niche.

How to Display Your Selected Products

The Natural LookThe way you choose to try and sell your selected products matters. Sometimes, it may be just as easy as posting a link on Facebook or Twitter but that will get you fewer conversions than if you build an authority site focused on your niche.

An authority site could be a blog, your social network, or even a YouTube channel.

To build an authority using one of those methods, you will need content and update your site at least weekly. You want to inform your audience about different aspects of your niche and then offer a related product that solves some problem in that niche.

Using the makeup example, you’d want to choose a topic like “how to create a natural look using organic cosmetics”. The problem there would be “what organic products should be used” and you just point them in the right direction.

What Are the Main Traffic Sources for Customers Ready to Buy

There are really 3 main traffic sources you want to leverage when trying to sell a product.

First, there are search engine rankings. The lower your rank, the better (rank 1 is the best). You want to choose a term that people are searching for when they’re in a buying mood.

With your makeup niche, you would choose something like “where to buy organic makeup”. You would then create content around that term.

Once you create that content, you want to share the link anywhere you can. This could be on social networks (great places to have a link go viral), forum signatures, email signatures, or the comment section of blogs.

As Google or other search engines find your link, your site gets indexed and you begin the ranking process.

Next, you’ll definitely want to make use of social networks. Social networks are great, thriving communities of consumers.

People are always sharing information about their favorite passions and products there. When you share your content on a social network, the goal is to get people to share it as much as possible.

You want to make your information as informative and entertaining as possible. The more someone likes your content, the more likely they are to share it. This is a fantastic way to have content go viral and be shared all over the internet.

YouTubeLastly, you want to use accounts on video sharing sites like YouTube. With this one, you’re going to need a mic and maybe a camera but you can get away with just the former.

This is another place where you want your information to be as informative and entertaining as possible so people are inclined to share it.

The difference here is that you’re the one talking to them instead of them reading your content.

Tutorials do great here so make use of them as often as possible.

Video sites are amazing for traffic and if you’re using YouTube, you are much more likely to pop up on the first page of Google with a targeted niche.

These are just the basics of affiliate marketing.

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I hope you enjoyed this affiliate marketing how-to. Do you have any questions or thoughts on affiliate marketing? Be sure to leave them in the comment section below and I’ll get to them as soon as I can! I love reading what you have to say.