What About Jaaxy? The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review 2017

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review 2017

Overall Ranking: 9 out of 10
Price: $0 Free Trial Account (Join Here), $19/month Pro Account (Join Here), $49/month Enterprise Account (Join Here)
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Website: http://www.Jaaxy.com


People in the internet marketing world are familiar with keyword discovery tools. There are a lot of free tools out there, but the information they give out is less than perfect. So, what about Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is quite different than most keyword discovery tools. It has additional features that you won’t find elsewhere.

What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy Keyword Research 3

Jaaxy is an all-in-one keyword research tool created by Kyle and Carson from the Wealthy Affiliate community. They put together a comprehensive SEO keyword research tool that many internet marketers have begun to use.

Just how powerful is Jaaxy? Does it live up to the hype? Let’s take a look at the data…



  • Keyword Traffic Analysis
  • Keyword Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Quality Indicator
  • SEO Value Analysis
  • Domain Availability Checker
  • “Alphabet Soup” Search
  • Keyword List Builder
  • Google Search Engine Placement
  • Affiliate Program Finder
  • Brainstorm Idea Feed
  • Jaaxy Affiliate Program
  • Training Videos + Bonuses
  • Improved Speeds and More Data for Paid Accounts



  • Only 30 Actions for Trial Accounts
  • Limited Keyword Analysis on Trial Accounts
  • Lack of Support

Jaaxy features a wide range of keyword research tools that’s not limited to just keyword traffic analysis and keyword competition analysis. Some features you will not find anywhere else.

While each feature has it’s own value as a pro, I will touch on each individual feature in the Training/Tools Overview section.

The affiliate program is pretty good. You can earn between $8 and $200 per sale depending on what account level and length your referrals choose. The payments are recurring and will keep coming in as long as your referrals remain paying members.

Jaaxy Video TrainingJaaxy also features several video training lessons. These cover a few aspects of keyword and website research as well as niche refinement. There is also an affiliate program walkthrough video that explains what you need to know as an affiliate.

Two more things worth mentioning are the improved speeds and increased data for paid accounts. With a Pro account, you get 2x speed and access to more search results. With an Enterprise account, you get 5x speed and even more search results.

Jaaxy definitely has a lot going for it, but there are a few downsides if you’re on a trial membership.

As a trial member, you will only have 30 actions available. These actions include keyword searches, site rank searches, affiliate program searches, and more. Keyword list management doesn’t require the use of an action, so feel free to look at the keyword data you’ve collected on saved keywords.

As a trial member, you will also have limited keyword research results. This makes sense because trial access is meant to provide you with a taste of what you will be getting out of a product or service. The same goes for Jaaxy’s trial accounts but it definitely shows how powerful the tools can be.

The last and most important con is that there doesn’t seem to be any form of support. I’ve searched around the different pages of Jaaxy looking for a support link but I could not find one.


Jaaxy is useful for internet marketers of all skill levels. The tools are comprehensive enough for professional marketers but at the same time, they are simple enough for beginning marketers to understand.

There is a range of people that will find this useful.

Stay-at-Home Blogging MomThe stay-at-home blogging mom can find low competition keywords to target.

The YouTube sensation can look up keywords with the highest traffic to make videos around.

The product or service creator can keep track of where their site ranks in the search engines.

The Instagram glam girl can find the best keywords to hashtag her photos with.

Anyone that uses the internet for the purpose of building an engaging audience will find Jaaxy to be an invaluable resource.


Jaaxy has many features available to users. All of them are useful for keyword research.

Keyword Traffic Analysis, Keyword Competition Analysis, Keyword Quality Indicator, SEO Value Analysis, and Domain Availability Checker are all part of the main keyword search engine.

The keyword traffic analysis tool will tell you the number of monthly keyword searches there are from the Google search engine, Yahoo search, and Bing. It will also tell you the kind of traffic you can expect for rank 1 on search engines.

The keyword competition analysis tool will show you how many competing websites there are using the exact keyword phrase you’re looking at.

The keyword quality indicator shows green, yellow, or red to signify the value of the keyword phrase.

The SEO value analysis tool shows how difficult it would be to get ranked on the first page in search engines based on traffic and competition.

The domain availability checker shows if the keyword phrase has an available .com, .net, or .org domain for purchase.

Next, there is the “Alphabet Soup” search. This is a search with an interesting technique. The keyword search utilizes the autofill feature of search engines to find new keyword phrases by adding a letter somewhere in the main keyword phrase.

Alphabet Soup Search

As you’re going through the different keyword search options, you will notice little boxes next to each keyword phrase. Checking this box and then clicking on the Save option will allow you to choose a list you can save the keyword phrases to. Keyword list management is easy and will show you all of the data you have revealed for the search terms in each list.

Site Rank Analysis will show you your site’s Google search engine placement if it’s within the first 25 pages of the search results.

The Affiliate Program Finder allows you to use your search terms to find affiliate programs from different affiliate networks. The results will show you the affiliate program name, the product website, the Alexa rank, the commission, and the network it is from.

The Brainstorm Idea Feed uses your search terms to find trending topics from various news and media sources.

The training provided by Jaaxy is meant to show you how to use its search engine to the best of your ability. The training videos include keyword research and management, website research and analysis, and niche research refinement.

There is also one more training video to help people interested in taking part of Jaaxy’s affiliate program.


Support appeared to be non-existent for Jaaxy. After searching around for several minutes, I was unable to find any kind of support link anywhere.

Lack of SupportThis was until I looked at the order page. There is a Contact Us page available but only from the order page links that also include the blog and the homepage. There is one more link from the order page that goes to a Learn About Enterprise page.

Those 4 pages that are difficult to navigate to are the only pages that you can access the Contact Us page.

The support is a little disappointing once you do find it as it only contains an email form for you to fill out. There is no live support available for Jaaxy and these support problems are the reason that Jaaxy does not get a 10 for its score.


Jaaxy has 3 membership levels. There is the trial account, the Pro account, and the Enterprise account.

The trial account is $0 (free) and is a limited access account with a maximum of 30 actions until you upgrade.

The Pro account costs $19 a month and has full access to Jaaxy’s research tools and have more Alphabet Soup results than the trial account had access to. The tools also run at 2x speed.

The Enterprise account costs $49 a month and has full access to Jaaxy’s research tools and has even more Alphabet Soup results than the Pro account.  The tools also run at 5x speed.


Jaaxy is ApprovedJaaxy has some great and useful features that everyone will find helpful. The keyword research tools work very well and rather quickly for how much information they are finding.

I am completely satisfied with the Jaaxy keyword research tools and will continue to use them for all of my current and future websites.

The only thing I have against Jaaxy is my disappointment with how difficult it is to get to their Contact Us page and that it’s an email form. Not having any kind of live support turns any issues you might have into a long wait, assuming the problem isn’t fixed before you receive an email back.

This is why I give Jaaxy a 9 out of 10. It has a great number of features with a support system that could be improved.

That’s All For Now

If you have any questions, comments, or your own reviews about Jaaxy, leave them in the comment box below. I love reading your responses and having the chance to reply.

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Thanks for reading! See you next time.