YouTube Secrets Review – Is a Scam?

YouTube Secrets Review 2017

Overall Ranking: 5 out of 10
Price: $1 7 Day Trial (Join Here), $27/Month
Owner: Alun Hill


YouTube SecretsHave you ever wondered how people make money on YouTube? Some people do it for a living. Some people earn thousands of dollars a month from YouTube ad revenue alone.

YouTube Secrets claims to have the secrets to making money on youtube without using any of your own content. Alun claims that you can make money on YouTube without filming your own videos, using your own music, and without having to do any kind of marketing.

Will YouTube Secrets stand up to these claims? Or is a scam site?



  • 60-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee
  • 60+ Lessons, including Video tutorials and PDF guides
  • 1 on 1 Coaching
  • PDF Bonuses
  • Email Support
  • Lifetime Updates



  • No Live Support
  • Difficult to Cancel Membership
  • Some of the PDF Bonuses are Obsolete
  • Unsure of the Response Time for 1 on 1 Coaching
  • Support Response Time May Take Days

The money back guarantee is nice for this site and you might very well use it. The lessons are pretty straightforward and fairly short. You might be able to get through all of the lessons in one day if you are dedicated enough. The PDF bonuses can be helpful, but a few of them were so dated that the information in them was no longer relevant. Some of the PDFs date back to the very start of YouTube…

I have not personally taken part in the 1 on 1 coaching, so I won’t comment on the usefulness of it in the big picture. As for the lifetime updates, the site was updated in the 7 days that I had used it. I’m uncertain as to the regularity of the updates since there are no dates on any of the updated content.

This site doesn’t have live support and I find that to be a pretty big issue. When I wanted to cancel my membership, I had trouble using the membership cancellation form. It kept giving me an error saying that my login and password were wrong…even though I was already logged in and the form didn’t require them.

SupportEmailing support about the issue didn’t get me very far. I tried for 2 straight days to cancel my membership, checking every few hours to see if the error had changed. On the third day, I got so frustrated with their support that I went through Clickbank’s tech support to report my issues and cancel my membership.

It wasn’t until after Clickbank had already canceled my membership that I received any response from support. If the response time from support is any indicator, I would guess that the time it takes for a response from 1 on 1 coaching could take days as well.


YouTube Secrets is for anyone that wants to make a little extra cash through YouTube. It contains information that nearly everyone would find useful. The only people that might not get any value out of this are the ones that already know how to implement the use of creative commons media, understand how to make proper use of video titles, keywords, and descriptions, and know how to get the most out of their video views.

YouTube beginners will find the information within this product incredibly valuable as it shows you how to use other peoples’ content in your own videos and not get a strike from YouTube.


The training that comes with this product is fairly straightforward and to the point. The directions are not hard to follow, so it should be a breeze going through the lessons.

The 60+ lessons that come with the product are a combination of mostly videos and some short PDFs. Each video is around 5-15 minutes long and covers one aspect of making money on YouTube. The PDFs pretty much just emphasize the information you pick up from the videos and are only a few pages long for each.

The lessons cover several topics on YouTube. You’ll learn how to use the YouTube video editor. You will also learn where to find creative commons media to use in the videos you create and how to properly make use of titles, keywords, and descriptions. Alun also teaches you how to make use of different YouTube features to help maximize your overall views.

There are quite a few things that the lessons don’t cover, however. For instance, there isn’t much emphasis on niche research that I can remember from my trial. There isn’t really an explanation on how to find a profitable niche to base your videos on.

While the lessons are simple to follow, it might be easy to get lost. There is only one marker when you are actually in a lesson. That marker just displays the lesson you are currently on. There are no bookmarks for when you want to leave the site for the day and come back later.


Tech SupportThe support for this site is just awful. There is only email support and the process of trying to get an answer from anyone takes days. I believe it took them 3 or 4 days to answer my email about canceling my membership, which could have potentially pushed me over the 7-day trial period and forced me to pay the first monthly fee.

It would have been incredibly inconvenient to have to go through the process of trying to get my money back even though I wanted to stop my membership before it was to become an issue.


For $1, you can start a 7-day trial on YouTube Secrets. This is long enough to check out all of the lessons available and even read some of the bonus content. There really isn’t much left after that, since you can just download the bonus PDFs and read them on your own time.

The monthly membership is $27. The only reason I can see for sticking around with the monthly membership is if you are absolutely new to YouTube and you really need 1 on 1 help directly from Alun Hill. Other than that, there’s nothing tying you to a monthly membership.


Joining with the $1 trial is worth the money. You learn quite a bit about how to properly use creative commons videos and music to make unique videos for YouTube. Being able to create these CC based videos is a useful skill to have. If you want to run a YouTube channel, it basically guarantees that you will always have something to make a video about as there are hundreds of thousands of creative commons content, if not more.

My overall rating for YouTube Secrets is 5 out of 10. I don’t strongly recommend the product, but it is worth a go if the topic interests you. Just be warned about the horrible support and watch the days that you are a member so you don’t accidentally go passed when you intend to stop.


Making money on YouTube through ad revenue is just a single aspect of making money online. I definitely recommend learning about the bigger picture so you better understand online money making concepts. There are programs on the internet that teach you everything you need to know about topics like affiliate marketing.

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That’s all for today’s review. Let me know your thoughts on YouTube Secrets or Wealthy Affiliate below. I love reading your comments!